Vegetable Sharpener To Make Flowers

food-sharpener-and-spiralizerThere are a few things I love about these that make them the best kitchen gadgets that you can use on raw vegetables and fruit. Firstly, they don’t require any electricity except for girl power (or boy power to keep the boys on-side). They are easy to use and they are so easy to take with you anywhere.

The first two handy kitchen gadgets I have found for you are like a large pencil sharpener for vegetables. If ever you dine out on Asian food, you sometimes see pretty cut out shapes of vegetables served with your dish. To do this, they use a vegetable sharpener to make flowers. Your third option is to use the food spiralizer which has a few more functions. They are all affordable options so take your pick.

You will have two choices; you can try to make flowers the hard way with a knife and peeler and risk injury, along with having to re-do anything that doesn’t work or you can make it simple and use the sharpener.

I have selected veggie sharpeners that have a great rating and are affordable. The kitchen vegetable sharpener in the middle is an add on which means it is shipped free with your other items provided you meet the criteria. Find out more by clicking on the item.

What Do You Use The Vegetable Sharpener For?

If you want to combine your gadgets then you can use the vegetable spiral slicer to make some raw vegetable pasta, add the sauce and then sharpen some carrots into flowers and add them on top. The kids will love it and your guests will be delighted thinking you have gone to some huge effort that’s taken you all day. Shhh, don’t tell them there was no cooking involved, no animals harmed in the making or laborious work.

Sharpened zucchini and carrots will look amazing when added to a platter of fruit and dips for decoration. Experiment with your fruit and vegetables. Just remember that you won’t really be able to use soft fruit as it will go mushy.

For something a little different, use the sharpener to make flowers or the kids so they can dip them in paint and make shapes. This is a great idea for a holiday activity. You can also use the sharpener along with your vegetable spiralizer for other craft activities. The kids can make animals or objects out of the veggies (if they don’t eat them first!)

You really can’t go wrong as these are the best kitchen gadgets that won’t break your budget.

Benefits Of Using A Spiral Slicer Or Sharpener

  1. You can take them traveling or camping
  2. They are easy to store away in your kitchen
  3. They are easy to clean
  4. They require no power
  5. They have you eating more raw and less cooking means more nutrients
  6. You can brighten up your dishes and get creative
  7. You can use a spiral slicer and a sharpener for multiple effects
  8. They encourage you to eat healthier

So go get ’em tiger!

Give yourself the power to roar!

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