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Tonight’s post is inspired by a DVD  that I watched at a raw food meet up today, that was made by Valya Boutenko. While I am fortunate enough to not be a diabetic myself I am always interested to learn about food and how it heals with real life stories and to write about my findings in an effort to assist other people. This DVD provides just that with a run down on what to eat to reverse diabetes.

Sergei Boutenko, who is Valya’s brother, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) at the age of 9 and that means his body produced NO insulin. Victoria Boutenko, Sergei mother, took massive action to search for a solution to prevent the use of insulin given that her own grandmother had died of an insulin overdose. Here’s a preview:



  This DVD I watched was not only about reversing diabetes, it was also about reversing other body dis-eases.

Yes, I understand that people often do not understand the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and that some of you are of the opinion that you cannot reverse type 1 diabetes. Even if that is the case, wouldn’t you want to try something that may just have you reduce the amount of insulin you are on? Just “what if” you tried it to see if you could get a result that could help your health in some way.

Please be aware that I am not a medical doctor and I provide my own personal opinion based on my research into reversing diabetes. It is always of interest when you hear the results from real people who have done what doctors say you cannot. So read on, now that the disclaimer is out of the way.

Some Statistics on Diabetes

image credit to evobrained / www.sxc.huIt is believed that diabetes has been around dating back to 1500 B.C. so it has been around for a long long time. You really want to take notice when you read statistics about diabetes given that it is estimated that on a worldwide level, one person dies every ten seconds from diabetes–related causes. I am sure you don’t want to add to those statistics.

In Australia, 4,170 people died in 2009 with diabetes being the underlying cause of death. ( Around 4% of Australians have diabetes and you will see the pharmaceutical companies rubbing their hands together as 7.2 million scripts were claimed for diabetes medicine in 2011. This is sure to have increased by 2013 given that over half the adult population is considered overweight. In the book 12 steps to raw food, Victoria Boutenko talks about the link between sugars in milk and the onset of diabetes.

Not a healthy picture is it?

What type are you?

Reversing Diabetes blood check machine

When I was a child, my best friend got diabetes at the age of around 12. I had no understanding of food or dis-eases back then so I never understood, prior to her diagnosis, why she needed to drink so much water and all the time. It was like, every moment she was looking for the drink tap and then every other moment in between, she needed to use the toilet.

Eventually she ended up in hospital and came away with the diagnosis of diabetes and being told that she would need to inject insulin for the rest of her life. She is a type 1 diabetic in her forties and if she does not inject her insulin in time, she has been known to collapse or not been able to wake up which eventuates in being rushed to hospital.

If you are concerned about whether you have diabetes or want to understand symptoms then I’m about to give you a brief rundown.  And no, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are not the same. If, after reading this list, you believe you may have diabetes, then best see a doctor to get a diagnosis so you know for sure what you would be looking to treat.

What Are The Symptoms of Diabetes?

Some of the symptoms can be more obvious than others:Image credit to

  • thirsty
  • needing to go to the toilet a lot
  • feeling itchy
  • Cramps in the legs
  • Feeling tired or weak
  • Vision problems – blurry or washed out
  • Pins and needles
  • Sores that won’t heal
  • Pain that ends up in the heart or kidney
  • Moody – angry / grumpy.

How Many Types Of Diabetes Are there?

There are three main types of diabetes. Type 1 (sometimes still called juvenile-onset diabetes), type 2 and gestational diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes – is generally diagnosed in children or young adults. It is said to be not lifestyle based as a cause. Type 1 means the body produces no insulin.

Type 2 Diab – can occur at any age and is the most common of diabetes. Although the predisposition is linked to genetics, lifestyle factors play a part in the onset of type 2. Type 2 means that the pancreas can produce some insulin but not enough or is not efficient at doing this.

Gestational Diabetes – Usually develops around the 24th to the 28th week of pregnancy for 3 to 8% of women. It is due to higher than normal blood glucose levels. Both mother and baby need to be careful that they do not develop type 2 diabetes later in life.

Reversing Diabetes

Your first best step after your diagnosis is to get your a*$e into gear and NOT take this lightly. Diabetes is serious business as I’ve stated in this post. Watch the dvd reversing the irreversible and then get yourself these great resources shown below to start you on the journey to reverse diabetes. Knowledge give you the power to heal.

The last tip is STICK TO IT!! It is YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle this will impact.

As I witnessed from watching the dvd tonight, there were type 2 and type 1 diabetics getting amazing results from a change in what they did and you can too. What do you have to lose? Actually,  will rephrase that, you have your health to lose by not trying something that could be a solution to your diabetes – even if it is a reduction in the amount of insulin you need. Imagine having more freedom by having less insulin. If you are saying “no, it cannot be done for a type 1 diabetic” then I encourage you to try it and see the results, and even post them below for others to see.

Resources to help you reverse diabetes

There are three key books that I recommend after you watch reversing the irreversible and I have recommended these based on reviews and other people’s recommendations.


Reversing Diabetes green for life
12 steps to raw food


I’d love to hear about your journey with reversing diabetes and your results from changing what you do, so you can leave a comment below.  Others will benefit from your input.

 Give yourself the power to roar!



I’m no medical expert and information contained on this blog is written with the aim of furthering your education on health and raw food. It is your responsibility as to how you use this information and I cannot be held liable for any misinterpretation or misuse of the information provided.


  1. Who says type 2 diabetes cannot be reversed? Yes, it won’t if you will not change your lifestyle. Yes, it can be reversed if you will change your unhealthy ways 🙂

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