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Healthy Raw Snacks

 100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes Book

I’ve found this great book on raw snack recipes that are healthy. I enjoy browsing my raw food recipe books and coming up with ideas for the week ahead so I can plan my shopping list and get to work looking after my health.

Don’t Sneak Junk

Sneaking junk snacks,while short term might feel good, will leave you feeling shameful, guilty and will not support a healthy lifestyle. The alternative is having healthy snacks on hand so when you do feel the need to snack, you are supporting your goal to look after yourself.

I have a Busy Schedule

I get it, getting food ready is hard to fit into a busy lifestyle. But consider this, if you are busy you might be likely to grab something that isn’t so good for your health and it will not support your tight schedule.

The alternative is to eat food that will GIVE you energy, not deprive you of it.

Add time in to your calendar to create healthy treats you can take with you. The great thing about making these is that it is a great mindfulness exercise that will also contribute to positive ‘present moment’ mindfulness and assist to reduce stress. Now I bet that was something you didn’t consider!

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