Raw Foodist And Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas for vegans and raw food eatersDon’t cringe but it is coming up to Christmas and rather than stress about it and leave it until the last minute you might want to get your hot pants into gear. If you don’t have hot pants then you can eat a higher raw food diet and it’ll happen. *wink* So if you want to keep your friendships with your raw foodist or vegan friends , I suggest you think, before you click that buy it now button on the steak knives set or best lamb recipes cookbook. They might use the steak knives on you otherwise….haha

What To Buy the Raw Food Eater Or Vegan For Christmas

It doesn’t always have to be about food and it really isn’t that hard to buy for a foodie. These gift ideas range from very affordable to more elaborate and I selected these special gift ideas to cater for all budgets. If you are a raw foodist or vegan and you have been asked by someone what to buy you for Christmas then share this article by posting it on your facebook or sending them an email. I am sure they will appreciate you being honest and saving them time.

I have selected three fanastic, affordable raw foodist vegan Christmas gifts and three higher priced Christmas gifts for you to get your Christmas gift buying out of the way.

Three Affordable Raw Food And Vegan Gifts Under $20

These are my three hot picks for Christmas gifts that are affordable and great for just about anyone aged 10 and over. These are also great as cheap Kris Kringle gifts and will minimize any chance of doubling up.

Raw Foodist or Vegan Christmas Gift Number One Affordable Christmas gifts for vegans and raw foodists

No, it is not a device to extract the brain of a raw foodist or vegan to study how they took on that lifestyle.

This first gift is great for a work colleague or friend. I first tried one of these at a friend’s place and always wanted to get one. Then, lucky for me, my kids gave me one of these for Mothers Day and I love it! It can be used any time, you can gently squeeze the ends together to put in back in the container and pack it in your suitcase for travel. It’s relaxing, feels delightful and is a gift that will  last for a very long time to be enjoyed.

A definite one to get someone for Christmas and also a great stocking filler if that’s what you are after.

Healing Christmas Gift Number Two

Earthing Christmas gift idea for a vegan or raw foodistIf it is someone you work with then you will definitely surprise them with this Christmas or thank you gift. It may be a new concept to them but I assure you they will be happy to explore this.

What is Earthing? It is a concept of how mother earth can heal us through re-connection. We all hear the phrase “body, mind, spirit” and Earthing or barefoot walking is one way to look at healing the body, mind and spirit. There are even earthing shoes or sandals available and if you want to spend a little more you can combine the two together for a sensational gift that will be very much appreciated.

By getting a gift like this, you are showing your understanding in your friend’s or family member’s beliefs and they will really appreciate the thought you have put into this gift.

This is also a great holiday and travel gift idea if they are headed overseas at Christmas time.

  Vegan Christmas Gift Number Three

Affordable Gift Idea for a Vegan or Raw Foodist

Affordable Gift Idea for a Vegan or Raw Foodist

T-shirts are all the go and this is a great practical gift idea for a passionate vegan. Order one for a friend and for yourself. A no brainer – get one today or get five even!

While these three items are low cost, they are great value to give as a gift to any raw food eater or vegan. Even someone who is interested in changing their lifestyle to eat more raw will appreciate these fantastic products.

Higher Ticket Items For The Raw Foodist Or Vegan

If you want to splash a little more cash then take a look at these three hand picked, unique Christmas gift ideas. Select something to suit your budget with the gift recipient in mind. I know for sure that one gift that will be well appreciated is a wild crafted, organic skincare range. I use these myself and absolutely love them!!!

Ultimate Gift For The Health Conscious

Blendtec Best Blender

A blender for serious foodies and the health conscious.

I personally own a Blendtec and I use it daily and sometimes I use it multiple times a day. You can make raw sauces in it, green smoothies, grind nuts, make nut mylk, prepare savoury cracker bases, make an awesome raw vegan hot chocolate (recipe here) and just so much more that I cannot list everything.

This is a must have item for anyone that wants to improve their health or expand your raw food menu.

Have a look around at the selection by clicking on the blender image on the left and check out the features. Choose one that is easy to use, clean, has a good shape for pouring and gives you easy access with the lid.

Someone is going to be very happy this Christmas.

A Gift Idea For Learning Another Language.

Learn A Language quickly and easily for fast resultsIf you know someone that’s about to go overseas or has always wanted to learn another language quickly and easily then this gift will put a big smile on their face. It’s a fast way to get results using a particular method of learning.

A Gift For The Skin

lime and patchouli body products gift pack

This next gift idea is ideal for both men and women and they’ll be smelling great at the raw Christmas lunch. This type of gift will always be used

as it will replace something they might already use or then can use it in their second powder room. A lovely scent of lime and patchouli to kiss the skin without all the added chemicals of other brands. You are also supporting an Australian business by buying this Christmas Gift.

 I hope you have enjoyed my selection for the raw foodist or vegan this Christmas. These gifts obviously work well for anyone but if you have someone who has chosen a healthy lifestyle and are struggling to work out what to buy them then, these are ideal.

Merry Christmas.

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