Front Loader and Top Loader Laundry Powder for Sensitive Skin

Environmentally Friendly Front Loader and Top Loader Laundry Powder for Sensitive Skin


Environmentally friendly laundry powder for sensitive skin

There’s a high chance that if you care about your food you also care about the products you use around your home. So, I’ve found a product I think you’ll love!

Sure there are Front Loader and Top Loader Laundry Powders on the market that are environmentally friendly but what are they doing to your clothes or skin? Finding a laundry product that is safe to use for sensitive skin and will still leave your clothes stain free is no easy task but finally, it is here.

The people behind this powder have been making it for 25 years and it’s incredibly easy to get your hands on some right here.

So what are other people saying about this? Here’s some great testimonials.

My Experience with other Environmentally friendly and sensitive laundry powders

I have been using a front loader for years – would never go back to a top loader but that’s my personal view. For a long time I’ve had to use products such as Amolin or other laundry products for sensitive skin, especially when my kids were babies. The issue I found is that it is so hard to get stains out of clothes. No-one wants to rewash clothes because the laundry powder didn’t do the job the first time. What a waste of water!!

Further to this, sometimes you can get something that does not contain phosphates but it’s still not

environmentally friendly laundry fabric softener Modere

Fabric Softener

great for your skin. I think you’ll be nicely surprised by the Modere Laundry Powder. You can also heck out their fabric softener. It has a vegetable derived cationic softener.

Laundry Powder Information:

  • So effective, its stain-removing power continues even while your clothes are out on the line!
  • Concentrated formula – packed with oxygen bleach, protease enzymes and anti-greying agents,  to remove tough protein, grease and fatty based stains, while whitening and brightening colours.
  • Rapidly biodegradable surfactants.
  • Low suds formula, suitable for front and top loading machines.

Formulated for Australian conditions with a sun protection ingredient to reduce fading and keep your clothes looking great for longer. Modere offers a 15-day refund guarantee to all Modere Customers so there’s no risk! What are you waiting for? Try it and see the results for yourself!

Live clean inside and out!

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