Best Water Kefir Recipes

The Two Best Water Kefir Recipes

Once people have purchased their water kefir grains from me they sometimes come back looking for recipes. So, I have decided to share with you the two best water kefir recipes. Many of you have purchased the water kefir grains from me and have requested these recipes, so here they are. Bookmark the page for future reference. They are so easy to make and because you will have excess kefir grains you can experiment without interfering with your original supply of grains.

Before you proceed – please remember NOT to use your original kefir grains as you will need them to continue in the sugar solution. Otherwise, they may become compromised. USE EXCESS GRAINS ONLY. You have been warned. 🙂

How To Make Young Green Coconut Water Kefir:

Stage 1 – For 3 – 4 cups of kefir

best water kefir storage jars to use
4-cup glass jar with wide mouth & strong screw-cap or swing-away lid (click on image on left for more info).

Approximately 3 tablespoons fresh water kefir grains.

2 to 4 cups fresh Young Coconut Water.

1 or 2 cups spring water (optional).

Coconut water kefir Method:

  1. Fill your glass jar with water and young coconut water and add excess water kefir grains. Remember not to use main supply.
  2. Seal jar airtight and let stand for 12 to 24 hours. (24 hours in cooler climate / seasons)
  3. Strain and fill bottles with young coconut water-kefir then seal bottles airtight.
  4. Refrigerate for 1-2 days and serve chilled.
  5. Repeat the above for each new batch.

Note: You may find that water kefir grains grow well in plain fresh young coconut water fermented for 1-2 days. However, if there is no noticeable growth in the first 2 batches, include 1/2 tsp molasses per 3-cups young coconut juice + water, and ferment for 2 days.

If 2-day fermentation produces a strong unfavourable flavour, then try a 1-day brew. Try less or no water (just coconut water) for variation. Sometimes it just takes a little tweaking to get the result you want.

How To Vanilla Ginger Water Kefir

Stage 2 fermentation

  1. great book for fermenting and culturing bookMake up your usual batch of water kefir with your original grains as stage 1 fermentation. Strain off and put your grains in a new sugar solution.
  1. Peel and cut up about 1 big piece of ginger into small pieces or mash and strain juice (about 1 adult finger size, or vary depending on how strong you want the ginger flavour)
  2. Use the strained water and add 1 – 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla (alcohol free) and the ginger pieces and seal tight.
  3. After 12 – 24 hours remove ginger.
  4. Bottle and store seal tight in fridge and enjoy. Easy and you get the benefits of ginger.

If you would like to learn more about fermenting then take a look at this easy fermenting book and start different cultures to reap the benefits.

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