Best Spiral Slicer Review

Image credit to had been researching for some time to find a good spiral slicer I could use to make my own raw pasta and other raw food dishes. I had heard good and bad reviews on different types of spiralizer machines and so felt very confused. There was a certain criteria that I wanted met in order to buy a spiralizer and what I ended up with was actually a spiral slicer. So, as a result of I come up with the best spiral slicer and here is my review.

The criteria I wanted was:

  • The spiralizer needed to be easy to use
  • I wanted something that was small enough that I could transport it, if we went away
  • That the spiralizer store easily in a cupboard without taking up too much space
  • That it was robust and not about to break while in use which apparently some of them do
  • That it was easy to clean
  • That coped with different width vegetables

So based on that criteria, I set about watching you tube videos, searching google and looking at different versions of the spiral slicer. These are not particularly easy to find in stores so getting one online is definitely going to save you time. While you are here, grab a raw recipe book to use with your spiral slicer.

Functions of the Spiral Slicer

The spiral slicer I got was sturdy so there was no chance it was going to break. It has two types of blades. The beSpiral Slicer Spiralizer For Vegetables And Fruitst way for me to describe this is to show you a picture. One blade will turn your veggies and fruit into circle type slices and the other will turn them into thin spaghetti style slices. This is means you can vary the recipes. For example, you can make fettuccine or spaghetti or you can alter the look of your salads. Fore more decorative purposes you can use either blade for your fruit or vegetables.

There are three parts to the spiral slicer in general but you only use two parts at any one time. That’s due to the fact that you only choose one blade at a time so you only need either one end, or the other and the mid-section.

How To Use the Spiral Slicer

Veggie Spiral SlicerIt is so simple to use. Cut the fresh produce into pieces that are long enough so that you can screw the other part of the spiral slicer into place.

Make sure you have unscrewed the parts, place your vegetable into the slicer end and then start winding with the mid-section (light green pictured). You keep winding until the produce is out the other end and the two parts to the spiral slicer are together and almost fully wound into place.

You then simply unwind the top half again and put your next piece of produce in.

My Summary Review of the Spiral Slicer

This is an inexpensive item and it covers everything I wanted from my check list. I found it easy to clean too. It doesn’t use any power source so you can take it camping or traveling, it is easy to pack with you in luggage, it is multi-function and it is easy to use without needing a lot of muscle behind using it as the winding function of the spiralizer does the hard work for you. I believe this is a must have for any raw food kitchen and you can get your own spiral slicer or check out this other raw food vegie slicer or start with a raw food book here.

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