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THE ALIENS HAVE LANDED and they are wearing the best skin care products for women!

Yes, it’s true.After using Annmarie Gianni's skin care range -before shot

 At least, my neighbour might have thought that I was an alien. He was walking down the stairs from his apartment next door and looked through my kitchen window while I was wearing annmarie’s skin care mud mask. He smiled but I don’t know whether it was a smile that meant “I better hurry back inside and lock my door” or “oh, that must be that lovely skin care mask from Annmarie’s skin care range – I know once off, she’ll look 5 years younger”. I should have let him know that these skin care products are also great for men.

Sorry Annmarie and team, I know it doesn’t look very flattering at this point but the positive is that your natural skincare product range IS out of this world. (and the puns continue).

Today I wanted to share with you a beautiful, natural, organic skin care range that I found after doing way too much research. Annmarie and her husband are high raw food eaters and that’s how I came across this range. I was tired of products that had a language on the back that was all of its own. Yes, I know I look like an alien but the ingredient lists are so foreign that not even I could read what was really in my skin care products. It was time for change.

P.S. I’m not really an alien.

P.P.S. You can join the alien revolution and click here to get the best skin care products for women. You’re sure to look out of this world!

The Results

 So, I guess you may be curious as to what I look like now the mask is off and I no longer have my ‘alien glow’. Here yer go.

I have to say that people regularly comment on how good my skin looks for my age…and let’s not start guessing THAT shall we! Anti-aging products before and afterEternally 21 in case you are asking.*wink*

If you are interested improving your insides as well as your outsides then you can read my journey with the Don Tolman 14 Day Cleanse.

 My personal review of Annmarie Gianni’s Skincare

One of the reasons I am recommending Annmarie’s skin care range as the best skin care products for women, is that she has not compromised the integrity of the product by adding chemicals or preservatives just so she can make more money. She is completely true to her product so that the product can be true to you and your skin.

Annmarie Gianni SkincareI have to say that I am very nicely surprised by this award winning skin care range. Annmarie has definitely put together a range that suits all skin types. She even provides a way to work out what your skin type is which you can view prior to purchasing. But it’s more than that; the holistic approach starts with the love and care gone into making the skin care and continues with the excellent customer service, which I have experienced, being a buyer of this wonderful natural skin care range.

I have not listed the ingredients and their benefits for each product as Annmarie has already done that at her website so you can click here to find out more about whey she has used particular ingredients.

Both the Aloe herb cleanser and the Citrus Mint facial cleaner are easy to apply and wash off, leaving a lovely soft and clean feel afterward with no greasy residue. The Aloe cleanser smells like lemon meringue pie and the citrus lemon cleanser smells like lemon myrtle. Both very appealing. We all know how powerful Aloe is and the benefits.

Face Mists
The facial mists are both refreshing and smell divine. My preference is for the Neroli toning mist over the Rosemary Toning mist, but that’s just personal preference. I am sure you will be happy with your choice of either and this is something you can select based on your skin type.

Anti-aging RangeAnti-aging product
The anti-aging serum and anti-aging facial oil are the strongest in herbal essence scent which some people might find a little much but for the benefits, it is worth it. They were made to work together. The aroma does tone down once applied to the skin. Annmarie has used very unique ingredients in the anti-aging products, thereby making these products just a little bit special for your skin. I have found by using these that any fine lines have been reduced and my skin looks younger.

The purifying mud mask is in powder form. The mask I was wearing as shown in the first picture is the purifying mud mask. It is quite orange in color when first applied and the mineral content is high, which is great for your skin. It will dry on your skin to form a hardened paste which is different to the coconut honey mask which allows for you to move your face when applied.

The Coconut Honey Mask was not in powder form like the purifying mud mask. It was a paste that, upon application smoothed on easily when in contact with the skin. Its scent was like dessicated coconut – yum! With this product, you really did not need to use much and so this is great value for money. After use, my skin was SO soft – I mean BABY soft.

Facial Scrubs
There are two facial scrubs; one in powder form and one as a paste so it really comes down to your preference. I use the Ayurvedic Facial Scrub with the Aloe Cleanser as recommended and a little water. It really does slough off the dead skinPure Skin Care Ingredients cells and leaves my skin clear and soft. I love this scrub.

The Dead Sea Facial Scrub is a little easier to apply because it was in paste form but again, ‘better than your average bear’ results. I highly recommend either as part of your overall skin care routine.

Facial Oils
All the facial oils are divine and it really will depend on your skin type as to which one you choose. This is great for under foundation too making it easier to apply without leaving a greasy residue.

Body Products
There are other body products you can purchase from this most excellent range. The coconut body oil being my favorite. It is wonderful to apply and smells so good you want to eat it! The radiant skin silk body lotion is more creamy in texture and easy to apply. It is absorbed easily and left my skin feeling very soft indeed.

The Rosemary Peppermint Body wash has a lovely fresh smell and I felt confident using it, knowing there were no additives. This is actually more important than you would think for a body wash because you are applying it all over, and so covering a larger surface area. You want to be sure you are not covering yourself with additives.

These products are also packaged in Miron Violet Glass which is known for preserving the ingredients inside for longer and providing protection.Annmarie Gianni Skincare

If you are not sure, just get the sample pack and try to see or ask the friendly staff. As mentioned, the service is quick and with a virtual smile.

I’m in love with this range and I do believe they are THE best skin care products for women.

Other Reviews

Many other people have used the products and are raving about them. Such words as “I’m in love with the products”, “my skin looks better already” and “Nothing had ever worked until now”. Even professionals such as a spa therapist, nutritional consultant and health coach are providing fantastic, positive feedback.

I’d love to hear what your favourite product is in Annmarie’s range so be sure to leave a comment below so other people can feel confident in their decision to buy.

 Give yourself the power to roar!



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