About Me

Here’s what I want my blog to provide for you, my reader.

While I don’t have qualifications in nutrition what I do have is six years of research surrounding food, based on a personal need and a desire to learn more and take a healthy approach for myself, my children and those interested in their own health. So, Raw Food Melbourne is dedicated to assisting you to get well, stay well and for some, start you on a journey with food as I did.

At my blog you will find information on raw food, raw food resources to help you and raw food support. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on places to eat and other information as you may request.

Want to get started straight away?

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Alternatively, if you have come here due to your research into food intolerance symptoms then I suggest you start at my other blog http://www.thenewsonfood.com

I also encourage you to live greener and you can find some great ideas about how to do that here at my blog http://www.thenewsongreen.com

Glad you can join me on this wonderful raw food journey. You can contact me here if you have a question or feedback.

Raw in Melbourne, Eileen.

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