Raw Snack Recipes – Healthy!

 100 Healthy Raw Snack Recipes Book I’ve found this great book on raw snack recipes that are healthy. I enjoy browsing my raw food recipe books and coming up with ideas for the week ahead so I can plan my shopping list and get to work looking after my health. Don’t Sneak Junk Sneaking junk […]

Front Loader and Top Loader Laundry Powder for Sensitive Skin

Environmentally Friendly Front Loader and Top Loader Laundry Powder for Sensitive Skin There’s a high chance that if you care about your food you also care about the products you use around your home. So, I’ve found a product I think you’ll love! Sure there are Front Loader and Top Loader Laundry Powders on the […]

Vegetable Sharpener To Make Flowers

There are a few things I love about these that make them the best kitchen gadgets that you can use on raw vegetables and fruit. Firstly, they don’t require any electricity except for girl power (or boy power to keep the boys on-side). They are easy to use and they are so easy to take […]

Raw Foodist And Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas

Don’t cringe but it is coming up to Christmas and rather than stress about it and leave it until the last minute you might want to get your hot pants into gear. If you don’t have hot pants then you can eat a higher raw food diet and it’ll happen. *wink* So if you want […]

Where to Buy Organic in Melbourne

Having gone from eating conventional product to organic I do believe there is a difference in the taste and quality of the produce. So, I eat organic where I can and I grow some of my own too. If you have just moved to Melbourne, are on a holiday and need to know where to […]

Best Water Kefir Recipes

The Two Best Water Kefir Recipes Once people have purchased their water kefir grains from me they sometimes come back looking for recipes. So, I have decided to share with you the two best water kefir recipes. Many of you have purchased the water kefir grains from me and have requested these recipes, so here […]

Best Raw Vegan Superfood Hot Chocolate Drink Recipe

I know that the title of this post is certainly a mouthful to say but then we are talking about mouthfuls of a delicious, velvety smooth chocolate drink much better for you than a cadbury’s drinking chocolate or other commercial hot chocolate mix, so I’m allowed to get away with it. *wink*   A Guilt […]

Best Spiral Slicer Review

I had been researching for some time to find a good spiral slicer I could use to make my own raw pasta and other raw food dishes. I had heard good and bad reviews on different types of spiralizer machines and so felt very confused. There was a certain criteria that I wanted met in […]

Don Tolman 14 Day Cleanse Review

My Don Tolman 14 Day Cleanse Review Here I share with you my daily diary of my first ever time of the Don Tolman 14 Day Cleanse. Your experience would of course be different to mine but it will give you some idea as to what to expect to varying degrees. I am so very […]

Simply The Best Skin Care Products For Women

THE ALIENS HAVE LANDED and they are wearing the best skin care products for women! Yes, it’s true.  At least, my neighbour might have thought that I was an alien. He was walking down the stairs from his apartment next door and looked through my kitchen window while I was wearing annmarie’s skin care mud […]